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Welcome to Tu-Mart

India’s largest online meat store

Save time and money by shopping for the things you need at Tu-mart – India’s largest online

Save time and money by shopping for the things you need at Tu-mart – India’s largest online

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Preparation ( Tu-Mart )

From Farm No Harm

All products featured on our site come directly from farms and coasts to ensure they are 100% fresh, chemical-free and preservative-free. 

Seen Clean

We will take your order and cut the meat in a clean and hygienic manner. We will place the meat  in a closed container so it will be fresh when you receive it.

Store at Door

Our delivery boy will pick up your order. We’re committed to making it arrive fresh, so we ship for free. We also use eco-friendly packaging.

Food is chewed

A good meal starts with fresh ingredients. That’s why we deliver high-quality meat to your door, so you can spend more time creating a delicious dinner – together!

Our Product ( Tu-Mart )

FAQ ( Tu-Mart )

After you choose a meat cut at the butcher’s, you will first weight it, and the butcher will claim his pound of meat.The butcher will clean it for you, but you’ve already paid for it.

Rather than seeing each piece of meat ripped up at the end after you’ve paid for it, the Tumart way is having the meat cleaned beforehand by our team.Therefore, to answer your question, no, you are not being charged for waste.

Once an order has been packed, it cannot be canceled or refunded.We encourage you to raise your concerns at the time of delivery if you receive a damaged or defective order.You will receive the refund within 5 working days.

In order to buy products, you need to register an account.

You can check your order status under your Account by going to Order History.If you still have questions, you can raise a support request through TUMART in app or you can email us at support@tumart.in or call us at +918248012784.

The meat is not pre-packaged, but cut as soon as it is ordered. We have fresh meat daily. Our produce is locally sourced. Our meats are antibiotic and chemical free! We deliver fresh, within 50 minutes of your order!

Orders can be pre-booked and scheduled for next day delivery.

Our primary goal is to provide unadulterated, chemical-free food to consumers. We take great pains to ensure the freshest of fresh produce is bought directly from the farmers without any intermediaries.

Tu-Mart Fresh Meats Now Delivering in Salem .